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What Happens If My Test Fails?
What Happens If My Test Fails?
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Lab Me tests can fail in two ways:

  1. TNP (Test Not Performed) or inconclusive: The lab could not accurately measure the sample due to:

    • Insufficient sample

    • Excessive sample

    • Hemolysis (broken blood cells) from excessive finger pressure during sample collection

    • Delayed sample return

  2. OOR (Out of Range) or error: The sample results were higher or lower than our testing equipment's detection range.

In case of an OOR result, we will specify the biomarker and whether it was higher or lower than our reportable range.
​What does it mean?

Less than 8% of our tests results in a TNP or Test Not Performed. This means that the machines could not analyze your sample for any of the following reasons below.


This can occur due to factors like applying excessive pressure on the finger during blood collection or not properly drying the finger before using the lancet.

​Not Enough Blood

In some cases, an inadequate amount of blood collected can result in inconclusive findings. Please fill the tube up to the 500ml line at a minimum

​Sample Contamination

Washing your hands with soap and not washing it all off correctly, applying too much alcohol on your finger before taking your sample, or taking a sample on a finger that has not been disinfected can lead to contamination of your sample

​How to minimize your chances of an Error or TNP

To minimize the chances of receiving an inconclusive result, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Adhere closely to the provided instructions.

  2. Be gentle when collecting blood samples and ensure your finger is clean and dry before using the lancet.

  3. Make sure you collect enough blood.

  4. Promptly ship your sample to avoid heat exposure.

Choosing Insurance

What does it cover?

Insurance is optional and will be presented to you during the checkout process. If you choose to opt-in for insurance, your test will be covered in case of TNP errors. Instead of paying the full price of the test, you'd only have to cover a small deductible of $30 for shipping.

How to submit a claim for a replacement?

Please contact to us via live chat so we can start the replacement process for you.

What if I don't want insurance and get a TNP?

Pretty much the same thing as if you choose to drive your car without insurance, in case of accidents, you'd have to cover all the costs out of pocket. The cost of materials, one-day shipping, laboratory testing, and fulfillment is expensive. In case you choose to opt out of insurance, you'd have to pay the full price of the test if you get a TNP and would like to re-take it. There are no exceptions to this.

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